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If you're into that kinda thing.



Andy International Gold (SparkNotes)

Andy International Shortlist (Ikea)

ADC Silver Cube (Master Lock)

ADC Merit (SparkNotes)

OneShow Gold Pencil (Spotify)

Oneshow Bronze Pencil (Burger King)

AICP Student Commercial (SparkNotes)

Telly Silver (Master Lock)

Telly Silver (Air Jordan)

Telly Silver (Puma)

Telly Bronze (Subway)

Telly Bronze (Michaels)

Addy National Gold (Puma)

Addy Regional Silver (Puma)

Addy State Gold (SparkNotes)

Addy State Silver x2 (SparkNotes)

Addy State Silver (ABC Handwash)

Addy State Silver (Lacroix)

Addy State Silver x2 (Puma)


ADC Merit (Ikea)

Addy State Silver (Ikea)

Addy Regional Gold (Ikea)

Addy Regional Judges Choice (Ikea)

Addy National Silver (Ikea)

Telly Bronze (Ikea)

OneShow Gold Pencil (Burger King)

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